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Sun Kissed - May Flavored Coffee - Dilworth Coffee

Sun Kissed - May Flavored Coffee

Sun Kissed has long been a term used for anyone who has bright, orange hair. It is a term of endearment, describing a truly unique and flamboyant quality. To be Sun Kissed is to be vibrant and complex, something that demands the attention of all who see it.

Naturally, this led us down the path of creating a coffee that was equally unique and stunning. We considered the classic espresso tradition of garnishing coffee with orange peels. The sweet acidity of oranges pairs perfectly with our bold and chocolatey coffee, creating a wonderfully complex and soothing cup. This coffee is silky and smooth with a subtle, juicy orange flavor. It reminds us of our childhood summer days spent enjoying orange creamsicles by the pool.

And so, we present to you our Sun Kissed coffee. A coffee this good truly deserves to be in the hands of a connoisseur of all things unique.



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