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Coffee Affiliate Programs for Coffee Shops, Cafes, and Restaurants

In 1989 the Dilworth Coffees’ founders opened their first Dilworth Coffee House, giving Charlotte an enhanced coffee experience well before the emergence of big national chains. Their early goals were to promote in-store roasting of specialty coffees along with creating handcrafted espresso beverages served in a warm comfortable environment. This remains true to this day.

Along the way, we’ve been approached by coffee shop owners  and others about franchising a Dilworth Coffee House of their own. Even amidst growing demand, we chose not to pursue this path as not to jeopardize the Dilworth Approach to providing great coffee experiences.

Today, we do offer a number of options to help independent owners with their own coffee branding by creating a branded coffee program under the Dilworth Coffee banner. Whether in a stand-alone coffee shop or within the coffee program of a bakery, deli, market, hospital, or other venue type, we ensure that every cup is made according to Dilworth standards or help you develop your own standards.

We recognize that your business may not have the same set of needs as others. Regardless of your starting point, all of our coffee programs make available the use of the Dilworth Coffee brand name, recipes, training, and other intellectual property necessary to maintain coffee and drink standards, without impeding other aspects of the independent coffee shop owner.


Unlike a franchise, we do not seek to control your hours, other menu items, other items sold within the store, your location selection or even your POS system. But what we do offer is a branded coffee program to help you create your own coffee branding, unique to your shop. This is coupled with support, training, institutional knowledge and proven programs without the control or limitations.

Contact us to find out more how the Dilworth Coffee House Licensing Program could be a great fit for you and your vision.

Proudly Serving Dilworth Coffee Program

We started this coffee program (PSDC) in 2019 to offer even more flexibility to coffee shop operators, both established and new, where hanging a Dilworth Coffee House sign above the door may not be the ideal solution. Even so, our goal with PSDC is to provide a turn-key coffee program that includes core drinks, menu options, training, support and other assistance (see chart) on an as-needed basis.

If this seems like a better fit for your business, let's connect!

Need Something Custom?

If neither of these options work for you, then let's work together to develop a custom coffee program designed around your vision.

Learn More About Partnering With Us

We offer a number of options to help independent owners create a branded coffee program under the Dilworth Coffee banner. Explore our coffee shop partnership options and download our Partnership Programs Guide to learn more today!