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Our Proven Process

The Dilworth Way

The Dilworth Way

No matter your background, when looking to start your own coffee business, Dilworth Coffee can take you on a 5-step process to help ensure your profitability. We just call this process The Dilworth Way, a proven roadmap that has been used literally hundreds of times to help our partners succeed.

Our approach to business

We have built our offerings and products around 5 core areas:


One of the first serious steps you’ll take toward opening your coffee shop is creating a business plan. Take some time to think about your business strategy: what’s unique to your vision, what do you do best and what do you enjoy? Think about what you want to sell and what type of people you want as customers.


Having a well-trained team, whether customer facing or preparing product in the back, is essential to your success. With more than three decades of experience running coffee businesses, the team at Dilworth Coffee can help you identify experts both in and out of your company. We also offer a series of coffee educational courses, to help you and your staff become experts at preparing and serving specialty coffee and operating a specialty coffee business. We offer a variety of services to help plan and consult from start up, train the trainer, menu and operational consulting and more.


Whether you are opening a new store or have an existing store you want to grow, so many aspects of your location, layout and atmosphere are keys to repeat business and overall success. We can offer ideas and feedback on real estate and traffic flow, counter, and work area design, back of the house layout, seating, store design and branding, merchandising and point-of-sale display, as well as creating a sensory atmosphere that guests will want to return to time and again. More importantly, you can draw on our expertise on how to position your espresso and coffee brewing workstations within your space to create an extraordinary experience for your customers, all balanced with the operational factors or constraints.


When you have a good idea of characteristics of the customers you seek for your business, we can help you understand how to serve that customer segment. That’s because each customer segment has different ordering preferences and menu requirements to create individual innovative drinks made to order. The team at Dilworth Coffee can help you understand your costs for different menu items and source everything you need from craft-roasted coffees and other specialty beverage items to the right equipment and supplies. With extensive knowledge in logistics and inventory control, our team can help you better understand how they affect your product costs, as well. We can even connect you with companies that specialize in financing for coffee businesses.


Having opened and operated coffee shops ourselves and serving thousands more coffee shop customers, we understand that building strong promotional programs can seem overwhelming. First, it’s not about offering discounts, but a core strategy of acquiring and nurturing customers. For most coffee shops, it's all about building the loyal recurring base of customers that will help your shop flourish. That’s why we simplify it using our F.A.T Philosophy. We help you set goals designed to convince your guests to visit more often (Frequency), sell them more during each visit (Average Ticket) and get new customers in the door (Trial), or “F.A.T.”, resulting in a FAT bottom line!

We help customers build private brand coffee awareness and trial through development of public relations, social, digital, and print media campaigns, eye-catching point-of-sale and innovative in-store displays. We do this with tools we have created; our experience in house staff; or even deeper bench of industry professionals who provide experience with current insights.

We're here to help

We're here to help

If you are thinking about opening a coffee shop or already have a specialty coffee business, feel free to contact us. We can provide more detail and explore how we can help you succeed.

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