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We often refer to customers with large and diverse needs as “institutions.” Hospitals or healthcare facilities and universities with so many dining and food service options have different coffee needs and solutions to meet the needs of their employees, guests, and residents.

Congregate living, for example, can be college dorms, retirement centers, and large apartment buildings or complexes that now serve coffee throughout the facility. Wanting to improve their coffee offerings, these institutions have worked with Dilworth Coffee to help develop better employee coffee stations and dining coffee options and have since expanded to include espresso bars or carts in congregate living spaces such as in the lobby, in student dining areas, or in common dorm areas.

As demand for better and more varied coffee continues to grow, Dilworth Coffee can help you develop a branded coffee program for your institution from dining rooms and banquet events to staff break areas and in-room services for residents and patients or for the facilities’ guests.

We understand that institutions face a variety of challenges when it comes to coffee, including packaging, supplies, equipment, training, logistics, and billing. Let us help you streamline your coffee offerings while still providing the variety your customers crave. 

We're here to help

We're here to help

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