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Tanzania Peaberry Coffee

Tanzania peaberry coffee is proof of the old idiom that "good things often come in small packages". A peaberry is a single coffee seed (or bean) per cherry, whereas most coffee cherries have two. It is an agricultural phenomenon found in all coffee-growing regions around the world; however, peaberry coffee has become synonymous with Tanzania.

What Is Tanzania Peaberry Coffee

Tanzanian Peaberry

Tanzania peaberry coffee is a unique and prized coffee variety known for its distinctively small, round beans. Unlike regular coffee beans, which consist of two flat-sided halves, peaberry beans are single, rounded beans that develop when only one seed, rather than two, forms inside the coffee cherry. This rarity contributes to a slightly different flavor profile characterized by a bright acidity, medium body, and often fruity or floral notes. Tanzania peaberry coffee is highly sought after by coffee enthusiasts for its complexity and exceptional taste.

As is the case with specialty coffee, the beans are sorted according to size and quality. The more rigorous and particular the sorting process is, the better quality of coffee you will receive. Peaberries are often sorted out of most coffee and blended in smaller bean size lots. Tanzania is unique in sorting out these naturally-occurring peaberries with great precision and efficiency. As a result, Tanzania has become the standard of peaberry coffee around the world.

What's So Special About Tanzania Peaberry Coffee Beans?

There are many who say that peaberry coffee is so delicious because the cherry was able to concentrate its sweetness and flavor into one seed rather than dividing its energy between two. While we must admit that it's an enticing theory, there are no real tests to support this idea. As is the case with most coffees, Tanzania Peaberry derives its quality from the high altitude and rich volcanic soil in which it is grown.

Where Our Tanzanian Peaberry Coffee Comes From


Our Tanzania Peaberry Nitin Estate is imported through the InterContinental Coffee, one of our longest-spanning partners in the coffee business. They have been connecting us with this coffee for the past five years. The historic Nitin Estate is in the Arusha region on the western slopes of Mount Oldeani, an inactive volcano in northern Tanzania. The farm has been producing coffee for nearly 60 years and is Rain Forest Alliance certified. The owners have dedicated land as natural corridors to allow wildlife to pass between the Ngorongoro Crater wildlife preserve on one side of the farm to areas of their natural habitat on the other side. It's common to hear elephants and other big game as they pass by. This is a high-altitude farm, ranging between 5,000 and 6,000 feet in altitude. They specialize in washed coffees which are dried in the abundant sunshine on traditional African raised beds.

We at Dilworth Coffee are proud to offer such a fine coffee as this Tanzania Peaberry Nitin Estate. We roast it to a light profile to accentuate its rich, chocolatey flavor and sweet apricot and lemon aftertaste. You can brew it hot or iced, yielding a delicious cup of coffee whichever way you choose.

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