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Opening and operating a specialty coffee business requires a wide and diverse set of skills and services to be successful. Over the years, we have worked with many different partners and service providers who helped us and our customers, including specialty distributors, real estate, banking or financing, equipment leasing, point of sales systems, marketing/promotional partners and more.

Some of the areas where we have current partners we work with directly or with our customers include:

Distributor Partners

Our distributor partners work with our customers to solve specific customer needs that emerge from the basic office coffee service programs, food service hospitality, convenience stores, institutional services and more. They offer specialized products beyond our capabilities, and assist with stocking, delivery, cold/temperature sensitive products and equipment service.

We can work with your preferred distributor partner to ensure delivery of Dilworth Coffee with all your other supplies. We have also worked as a Tier II supplier or a sub-contractor on large construction or supply contracts.

With our vast experience, we understand that expanding your distribution network with specialty coffee is key to your success. With over thirty years of experience building specialty coffee programs, we can help you expand your coffee and specialty beverage offerings for your current customers and even open new growth opportunities. 

Real Estate

One of the biggest and most important decisions that a coffee shop or retail owner will make will be selecting the right location. Finding the right place to bring your vision to life is a big decision to make. But it is not one that you need to make alone. Working with the right real estate professionals who know your needs, your local area and are looking out for your best interests is an important aspect of your development team. While we are not real estate professionals, our team can provide you with contacts, and arm you with basic questions to help you in selecting the right real estate partners.

Banking & Financial Services

As a business, having separate bank accounts and relationships with financial professionals can be key to helping you operate your business and prepare for future needs. Business accounts and fee structures are often different than personal banking. Choosing the right financial partner and banking location will help make it easier for you to operate your business, and provide you with access to other services such as loans. 

Do you need a local branch for currency in the cash drawer, separate payroll or employee payroll services, credit card processing or loan services? Some banks offer or specialize in a variety of loan and financing services from the traditional equipment loans; US Small Business or SBA backed loans; or retirement investment provisions for your startup capital like ROBS.

Equipment leasing and other asset-based lending

For many small startup businesses, there are a variety of financing options from specialized financing services. Equipment or other asset-based leasing companies may be options to finance the startup of your business or initial equipment purchases.

Business Services

When starting a coffee shop or any retail business, other services you should incorporate into your planning include:

  • Payroll and time keeping services
  • Credit card processing
  • Point of sale systems to include gift cards, credit cards and loyalty programs
  • Bookkeeping and accounting services to assist you in your accounting, taxes and required filings
  • Legal services to help ensure your business is established correctly and review important documents such as a lease or loan agreements 

Designer, architect and building contractors

All of these may be needed in some capacity and thinking about them before you need them or not, is important to ensure you do not run into lengthy delays in your opening. 

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Lets chat

This is by no means a comprehensive list of things you need for your business, but they are the most frequent items customers ask about. In helping thousands of coffee shops over the years open their doors, our team of professionals can help point you in the right direction. 

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