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Coffee for Hotels and Hospitality


Coffee and hospitality seem like a natural match. Who would want to savor a great cup of coffee in your hotel, motel, or bed & breakfast in the morning before starting your day? Is this the free lobby coffee, lobby espresso bar, or the restaurant serving up a full meal to get your day started right? It could even be the aromatic coffee on your room service tray or the coffee in your morning plenary session in the banquet rooms. 

For Dilworth, hospitality includes caterers, event facilities, country clubs, healthcare facilities, college & university dining and more where groups of people, from small to very large crowds may gather. At Dilworth, we have the skills and experience necessary to help you create your vision of a great coffee experience and the expertise to help you successfully execute it.  

We have the coffee variety and packaging options to help you. From our bulk whole bean offerings of over 200 origins, blends, and flavors (organic, Kosher, Fair Trade, Directly Traded) to our food service portion packs and cold brew preparation options, we have the coffee ready for you. 

To offer your customers more than just coffee, we can help you offer espresso-based drinks with all sorts of flavors and options, fine teas, alternate milk options, and a variety of exotic beverages from around the world. We work with the leading coffee equipment manufacturers to help you select the right equipment to accomplish your objectives. 

Taking great products combined with over 30 years of specialty coffee experience, we have the knowledge and know-how to help create menus and limited-time-only drinks and incorporate them into your operations with sustainable training and assistance on operating manuals, Dilworth Coffee has your back to ensure your guest experience is something they will remember and anticipate on their next visit. 

We're here to help

We're here to help

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