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There’s something magical about a coffee shop - the smell of the coffee that hits you the second you walk through the door, the sounds of beans being ground, milk being steamed...the chatter among the customers and banter of the staff. It is a warm, welcoming, comfortable place for people to gather...or get away, to catch up with friends...or a book, to work...or relax. Coffee shops have carved out a special place in our lives, and are a lure for those of us who have the entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to create that magic.

But, it is also a business, with all of the challenges businesses face - financial, ordering, inventory, pricing, marketing, hiring, training, equipment, menu development, space layout and design, and the list goes on and on, and on.

At Dilworth, our mission is to help our partners deliver a delicious cup of coffee, and to let them enjoy it however they see fit. So, our job is to help turn that entrepreneurial spirit into a successful and vibrant reality, and for over thirty years we have helped hundreds of eager, hard-working, passionate entrepreneurs do just that.

From opening your own standalone coffee shop or coffee-oriented business, to adding specialty coffee to an existing business concept or for your guests, employees, and team members, we utilize the same approach to bringing your vision alive and meeting your objectives.

Our Approach

Our Approach

We are Stubbornly Agreeable in ensuring that customers enjoy coffee however they want, and the same holds true in our approach to the services we provide - we are here to help you implement YOUR vision, to ensure YOU DO YOU. Our role, is to listen, make recommendations, and make your way work. 

We offer our help and service every step along the way, from pre-start-up and planning, to start-up, to ongoing business management and consulting. We can provide our experience as you gain your own.

Using our Stubbornly Agreeable Approach to helping our customers, we help to provide the building blocks you need to create your own great coffee experience. We have experience, among other areas in the following:

  • Complete to custom start up programs
  • Custom private label and roast blends
  • Custom drink menus and limited time offering products
  • Operational efficiency & SOPs
  • Building coffee, espresso, and beverage bar equipment solutions
  • Working with vendors on sales building programs and materials
  • POS solutions for multi-unit customers
  • Exciting traffic building in store events

We work with you on your schedule. Whether it’s virtual, in person, in our Dilworth Coffee Training Center, or a combination; our job is to listen and find solutions to bring your vision into reality.

Ready to get started?

It all starts with a preliminary call, we like to call the “Vision Discovery” - a free 1-hour consultation with a start-up expert to do exactly what it says. From there, we can help guide your decisions as you consider this adventure of starting your own or existing business. 

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