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Coffee Services for Businesses and Entrepreneurs

At Dilworth, our mission is to help our partners deliver a delicious cup of coffee, and to let them enjoy it however they see fit. For over thirty years we have helped hundreds of eager, hard-working, passionate entrepreneurs turn their vision into a successful and vibrant reality.

From opening your own standalone coffee shop or coffee-oriented business, to adding specialty coffee to an existing business concept or for your guests, employees, and team members, we utilize the same approach to bringing your vision alive and meeting your objectives.

Dilworth Coffee Services

Our Approach

We are Stubbornly Agreeable in ensuring that customers enjoy coffee however they want, and the same holds true in our approach to the services we provide - we are here to help you implement YOUR vision, to ensure YOU DO YOU. Our role, is to listen, make recommendations, and make your way work. 

We offer our help and service every step along the way, from pre-start-up and planning, to start-up, to ongoing business management and consulting. We can provide our experience as you gain your own.

Services for the Specialty Coffee Owner/Operator

We offer services to help specialty coffee owners and operators create a great coffee shop experience for their customers, guests, and residents. When we started, we had to learn everything from scratch, which wasn't easy as there was no internet at that time. Some common questions we get from new coffee shop owners include: where to start, how to choose a good location, what to buy to open, what to serve, how to make espresso drinks, and how to price drinks for profit.

Wholesale Store and Customer Support

For independent and smaller multi-units, managing a coffee shop can be a 7-day operation, leaving little time for research, staff training, and menu development. That's why we have developed a variety of customer support tools, programs, and ideas to help keep your menu fresh, provide solutions for excess ingredients, and promote your shop to attract and retain customers while increasing your ticket averages.

Ready to get started?

It all starts with a preliminary call, we like to call the “Vision Discovery” - a free 1-hour consultation with a start-up expert to do exactly what it says. From there, we can help guide your decisions as you consider this adventure of starting your own or existing business. 

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Equipment Sales

We are a distributor for the top equipment brands in the specialty coffee industry, which operators need to make their drinks. We take great care in researching and assessing the quality of the equipment we distribute, even though we are primarily a coffee roaster. Our team has experience with various equipment and can assist you in selecting the best equipment for your shop. We can help you analyze your operational needs and put together a complete equipment package tailored to your requirements, including programming and setup in your store.

We offer standard packages of our most popular items, but we can also provide customized solutions to meet your specific needs. We also offer equipment receiving and storage solutions, installation coordination, and we will work with your construction team to ensure the correct placement and connection of the equipment, as well as assist with initial programming and testing.

Equipment Maintenance

Espresso and coffee equipment, like any other machine, undergo wear and tear due to heavy usage, movement of parts, heat, steam, and other factors. Therefore, routine maintenance and major repairs are necessary over time.

New equipment usually comes with a basic limited warranty from the manufacturer, covering the parts but not the service tech labor or travel costs. However, some manufacturers offer extended warranties, which we can provide as an optional service at the time of purchase. We also have a network of equipment service technicians and can help you find one in your area.

For multi-unit accounts, we can create a customized service plan and network to ensure that all operating units are functioning correctly. Regular maintenance is crucial for making consistently excellent drinks and minimizing unexpected downtime. We can help you create a periodic cleaning and maintenance schedule, including per drink, daily, weekly, monthly, and less frequent maintenance.

If you have any questions or require assistance with equipment services, please contact us.

Crew Training: Empowering your Team

The barista is the heart of any coffee shop, and creating a great coffee program requires skilled and knowledgeable people with the right tools. We offer customized training programs for specific customer needs and circumstances, building on the 20+ years of core classes we have developed and offered.

Established in 1999 as one of the East Coast's first training facilities, Dilworth's Coffee College and Training Center offers educational courses including core coffee and espresso classes, catalog cuppings to explore the taste profiles of individual coffees, skills and drink innovation workshops to learn new techniques, drink preparation, and sharpen basic skills.

We also offer customized coffee training programs tailored to your operations manual, access to coffee industry experts from across the specialty coffee spectrum to learn new and trending industry skills, and train-the-trainer programs to ensure repeatability and timely onboarding of your new team members.

We understand that the success of your coffee program depends on your team's skills and capacity. Therefore, we strive to empower your team through our training programs to create great coffee consistently on every visit and store-to-store. If you have any questions or require assistance with training your team, please contact us.

Supply Chain Solutions

To run a complete coffee or espresso bar, you need several products, solutions, and support to make unique, handcrafted drinks. We offer a warehouse with more than 1,500 items available for immediate shipment, along with different shipping and ordering options. Additionally, we have partnered with major manufacturers to provide the best supply chain solutions.