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Coffee for Restaurants and Food Services

Food Service

What is Food Service? Restaurants, cafes, cafeterias, quick service bars, diners, delis, bakeries, the list goes on. Until the re-emergence of the coffee shop and espresso bar as unique concepts, most in food service were content to offer warm, black coffee with maybe blue and pink sweeteners with regular sugar and room for cream or white. Since we started Dilworth Coffee in 1989, things have changed tremendously in food service where having customers order lattes, cold brews, and frappes in an ever-increasing customizable solution and variety of flavors, sweeteners and more is the norm.

Dilworth Coffee has the coffees you need in the packaging format to suit your operations. From our bulk whole bean offerings of over 200 origins, blends, and flavors to our food service portion packs and cold brew preparation options, we have the coffee ready for you to create your unique guest experience. Most consumers want more than just coffee. They want espresso-based drinks with all sorts of flavors and options, fine teas, alternate milk options, and a variety of exotic beverages from around the world.

With our team’s 100+ years of coffee shop experience, we can help any food service operator understand the language of specialty coffee and individually made drinks to adapt to their operations and customer desires. We have built programs for a simple coffee upgrade to adding in espresso programs, amped up iced tea and cold brew/nitro solutions into the corner bakery, and fine dining white tablecloth to a neighborhood bistro. The center of our solutions-based approach to bringing specialty coffee into your food service establishment is to help you execute our vision for a great coffee program to complement your menu to satisfy your customers.

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Ready to chat?

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