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Cold Brew Filter Packs

Cold Brew is easily one of the fastest growing products in the coffee world. According to, the cold brew market is now valued at more than $2 billion. It’s no longer just a great solution for enjoying your coffee during sweltering summer days, but a drink that is now craved during all seasons. Of course, making your own cold brew can be a hassle. Using the typical methods often leads to a messy cleanup and powdery coffee sediment in the bottom of your cup. No worries though, we have just the thing to make your cold brew process both easy and delicious.


What is Cold Brew?

Cold brew coffee is a method of brewing coffee that involves steeping coarse coffee grounds in cold water for an extended period, typically 12 to 24 hours. Unlike traditional coffee brewing methods that rely on hot water to extract flavor and caffeine, cold brewing uses time rather than heat to gently coax out the coffee's flavors. This slow extraction process results in a coffee concentrate that is smoother, less acidic, and often has a naturally sweeter taste compared to its hot-brewed counterparts.

What are Cold Brew Packs?

Cold brew packs are pre-packaged bags of coffee grounds that are specially designed for making cold brew coffee at home with minimal fuss and mess. These packs often come in the form of large tea bag-like sachets that contain the perfect amount of coffee grounds, already coarsely ground to the optimal size for cold brewing. The design of these packs allows for maximum flavor extraction without the need for grinding beans or measuring out portions, simplifying the cold brew process.

Dilworth's Cold Brew Filter Packs

Several years ago, we set our sights on crafting a simple and tasty cold brew blend that is roasted and blended with the cold brewing process in mind. We wanted a predominantly sweet and chocolatey flavor profile, with subtle almond and cherry-like hints and a pleasant, zesty finish. After careful selection we ended up with two coffees from South America that bring the chocolate and sweetness we crave, blended with a couple of other coffees from Indonesia and the Pacific Rim that add the character and nuance.

Cold Brew Filtered Packs

However, the real game-changing idea we had is all about the brewing. Unlike many other roasters our size, we have a machine that allows us to package coffee in individual, pre-portioned pouches. When we realized that we could use this machine to package coffee in tea-bag-like filter paper, we knew we had a winning idea. Pre-packed coffee in paper tea bags is not a new concept, however it has always been difficult to get a good, consistent brew with most ground coffee. The paper tends to inhibit extraction, especially when brewing hot coffee. However, the 12-24hrs of steeping that cold brew requires allowed for the extraction strength we were looking for. We also found that the paper filter packs prevented the finer grounds from forming as much sediment on the bottom, a win-win!

We designed our cold brew filter packs to be used for a range of brewing sizes. Three filter packs will make a gallon of cold brew and you can brew as little or as much as you like by adjusting the number of packs steeped for each batch. For our café customers, we package these 4oz packs in food service cases of 30, which will make up to 10 gallons of cold brew per case. We also have them available in 3-pack retail bags for brewing at home.

How to Use Cold Brew Filter Packs

The instructions are simple. Add the desired number of packs to filtered tap water and let steep for 12-24 hours at room temperature. Once brewing has finished, it’s time to remove the filter packs (I like to put mine in a strainer and allow them to finish dripping). You are then ready to drink your cold brew as is or dilute with filtered water until you have achieved your preferred strength. Store your finished cold brew in a refrigerator and enjoy for up to a week.

Pro-tip: Try mixing your cold brew with seltzer, lemonade, tonic water, or milk (oat milk is awesome!). You’ll be the envy of all your cold brew lovin’ friends.

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