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About Us

“We know great coffee doesn’t happen by accident. It is the outcome of durable, sustainable relationships with our farmers, our customers, end consumers and employees. Ultimately, at Dilworth, we want to do right by people, using the business to improve lives in big and small ways.”

- Jeff Vojta

For more than 30 years, we have been roasting and distributing the finest coffee to over 1,000 cafes, restaurants and coffee shops across the country, and helping them succeed as businesses, pleasing their customers one at a time.  What we’ve learned along the way is that there are a LOT of fine beans out there. There are no wrong answers in defining what you like, no bad taste. So, we roast the beans, from there, you do you.


Good coffee doesn’t happen by accident. The best beans make the best coffee. And we gladly travel the world to find them.Then we roast them just right, to perfection. Something we’re pretty stubborn about, cause it took a while to get it just right.

We’re in this together. So, we get to know the farmers who grow the beans we buy. And give back when we can. Always treating them with fairness and respect. The same is true with our team who roasts and packages every order. And to our customers who appreciate the path we’ve chosen.

Coffee is fun. And we’re not about to tell anyone how to enjoy it. That’s where the Stubbornly agreeable part comes in. So, sit back and savor the Dilworth flavors just the way you like.

Awards & Industry Involvement

Back in 1989, the specialty coffee industry we know today was just getting started. The Specialty Coffee of America, now the Specialty Coffee Association, was just forming from a handful of coffee roasters working to keep the concept of specialty coffee alive, much less thriving.

Since our inception, Dilworth Coffee and its team members have been actively promoting the industry and standards. We founded one of the first coffee shop training programs for the east coast. We assisted in the first “Barista Jam” held in NC during 2005. We were sponsors, supporters, and judges for the SE Barista Championship. We were founding members of a roasting professionals group that helped launch the SCA’s Roasters’ Guild. We served on numerous boards, organizations, committees and more to help develop standards and awareness of how wonderful and unique specialty coffee is.

To ensure we have quality coffees and happy consumers, we believe that we need to contribute to the continuous evolution of specialty coffee and standards to assist our delivery of great coffee experiences for our customers.

Causes we support

Since our founding, we believe that to deliver great coffees, we must be great corporate citizens. And so we have a long history of volunteering and giving back to our communities - our local North Carolina community, and the communities of the coffee farmers internationally.

e2e international

e2e international

On visits to our directly traded farms in Honduras, we learned of the hardships the farmer’s children face in getting access to education. That’s why we have partnered with Educate to Envision, which brings secondary schools and leadership training to rural poor communities across Honduras. For more than ten years, Dilworth has been a proud supporter of E2E, donating 10-cents per pound of all coffee we purchase from Honduras, helping build schools, providing literacy, health, nutrition, sanitation, and opportunity to families in coffee communities.

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Some of the local organizations we support

The Goathouse Refuge is a cat sanctuary, providing ongoing, unconditional care to animals in need regardless of age, medical issues or disposition, until a permanent loving adoptive home can be found. We're suckers for purrs and whiskers.

Finally, we are proud to support several local groups with a shared passion for serving great coffee, amazing organizations that employ individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our work with the following are some of the partnerships we hold most dear:

Dilworth is a certified minority owned company