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Maple Crème Flavored Coffee

Maple syrup has long been enjoyed on pancakes, French toast, and breakfast dishes of all kinds. A perfect paring with warm pastries, holiday spices, and even as a sweetener in your morning cup of coffee. From the Green Mountain Hills of Vermont, we’re thrilled to present you with our flavored coffee for November: Maple Crème.


Some believe maple syrup was first discovered when a stray knife was removed from a tree, and onlookers saw a curious liquid pouring out. They boiled a piece of meat in the clear sap, and maple syrup was discovered.

In the 1600’s, the common practice was to cut a “v” shape slash into the tree bark and let the sap run down into a bucket to collect. This year alone, Vermont has produced over 2 million gallons of maple syrup. That’s a lot of syrup! It’s easy to see why as there are lots of health benefits. As opposed to cane sugar, pure maple syrup is very high in polyphenols and antioxidants. The deep, earthy, roasted woody notes of maple pair so well with our coffee. We roasted this blend to get nutty and smooth chocolate notes, which go seamlessly with maple and buttery vanilla.
The sweet syrup is so close to all of us. We all have memories of smelling it through the halls as we wander sleepily into the kitchen. Steam escaping from a griddle on the stove, and bubbling batter browning in butter. A warm plate in front of us, pats of butter melting down a stack of pancakes. We grab a warm jug of maple syrup and excitedly cover our breakfast. Now imagine that in a cup of coffee.
This month’s flavored coffee is Maple Crème. The classic rich flavors of maple, and vanilla cream. This tasty brew will remind you of fond childhood memories and get you in the mood for fall every morning.

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