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April Featured Beverages

April Featured Beverages

Cara-mallow Cortado

Did you know that April 22nd is National Caramel Day? It’s true! This drink combines the love of caramel with a fan favorite easter candy, the Peep! A smooth indulgent caramel cortado, topped with a luxurious marshmallow-y cream, what’s not to love?



espresso 2 shots

Torani caramel sauce

1 pump

**marshmallow fluff

1 tbsp



cocoa powder garnish


  1. Pump caramel sauce into serving glass.
  2. Pull double espresso over caramel and stir.
  3. Add marshmallow fluff to glass.
  4. Steam milk and pour over the espresso and marshmallow fluff.
  5. Garnish with cocoa powder and serve.

 **Feel free to substitute the marshmallow fluff with marshmallow flavoring syrup if you already have that in your shop.

Iced Strawberry Caramel Latte

Strawberries are in season here in North Carolina, and we’re sticking with the caramel theme by combining the two in this tasty iced latte. We’ve separated the layers to keep it visually interesting, but feel free to mix it up. Sip it how you feel it!




2 shots

Monin strawberry syrup

4 pumps

Monin caramel sauce


ice 1 scoop
milk 10oz
cut strawberry (optional) garnish


  1. In a serving cup, swirl caramel sauce up and around the inside of the glass.
  2. Pull double espresso.
  3. Add strawberry syrup to the bottom of glass.
  4. Top with ice.
  5. Pour milk over ice.
  6. Pour espresso on top of milk, do NOT stir.
  7. Add sliced strawberries for garnish (optional) and serve.
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