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Dilworth Coffee Provision Co Switch

The Switch to PRO

Times are changing for the better here at Dilworth. We are switching our Portal Ordering System over to our new website Dilworth Provision Co, or PRO for short. We have started the transition to PRO at the end of 2023 and anticipate completion within the first quarter of 2024, at which time the current Portal Ordering System will be completely phased out. 

Utilizing the feedback from our customers, we developed PRO with enhanced features specifically for you.

We believe you, the customer, will be served better with PRO. New ideas, seamless ordering, industry expertise, and easy to navigate product lists all while receiving overall better and more savings. So, what's new in PRO?

How The Customer Is Better Served

PRO will allow us here at Dilworth Coffee to serve all our customers better. So, we've streamlined the ordering process. Now the search for your favorite products or new items is faster and easier.  Each product has more information and uses than before. No more waiting to set up an account and no account forms needed. Sales and Use Tax exemption forms can be uploaded directly on the site.

You can store and list your favorite items, making ordering less time-consuming and convenient for you. All products have pictures and descriptions that let you make better judgements on what and how much of something you need to execute the vision for your business. You can shop by brand, category, featured items, and seasonal items. You can order as little as a single item up to multiple cases. 

If your business has multiple locations and different items for those locations, you will be able to save delivery locations or set up individual accounts for each to make it easier for you to manage. It’s your choice! With custom lists, ordering from Dilworth just became that much easier.

The website has easy access to seasonal recipes and drinks to inspire your café or restaurant. Each month a new batch of drinks that have been tested and tasted in our coffee lab will be available to you. Use them as they are, or use them as inspiration for your new seasonal best seller. We will feature products that we already sell, making it even easier for you to incorporate them into your menu.

If you want more information on the specialty coffee we provide, there will be monthly blogs on our single origin coffees, blends, and flavored coffee beans. Allowing you to communicate better with your customers, craft better drinks, and diversify your menu.

We want to educate consumers about coffee as much as possible. On our News tab you will have access to blogs and articles about coffee knowledge such as: How much caffeine is in your coffee? What’s the difference between cold brew and iced coffee? What equipment should I be using? What beans are right for me? What is water processed decaf? And much more!


Easy access to an updated FAQ section for any issues or concerns you may have as the transition happens.


As always, we have live customer support during our business hours to assist and answer questions. Giving you fast access to baristas and coffee professionals with product usage tips and knowledge.

Your access to our training and consulting expertise will be even easier with PRO. Among the ways we can help are:

  • Develop and enhance your business plan.
  • Assist with the finding and evaluating the right location for your business.
  • Select the right menu items and products to make the basics and unique drinks.
  • Develop the training plan for your team.
  • Provide ideas to help you get the word out on your new shop.

Advantages and Benefits

PRO's streamlined process has allowed us to initiate new savings and benefits for you. There are many discounts and savings available to you that weren’t before.

PRO is powered by Shopify, making it easy to navigate. The back-end access we have allows us to keep track of your orders, pay attention to your needs, and gives the customer more notification options. Featured sales and rebates on certain items will be easily visible on the website, saving you more money than ever.

Free Freight Program, Freight & More and Mix & Match

Some of our most requested changes and programs available at PRO: Mix & Match, Freight & More, and our Free Freight Program.

Starting at $1,000 per order, PRO offers free shipping to all customers within the contiguous USA. Great for large volume orders, or big but infrequent orders.


For customers ordering more frequently and smaller amounts, we are offering a freight subscription program called Freight & More. A monthly fee of $99 a month will give you access to free shipping on all orders that reach a minimum of $79. Available in 14 states!


Our new Mix & Match deals allow you to buy more and save. These Mix & Match deals will be detailed under every product they apply to on the website’s product page to ensure you are obtaining the best savings! Find savings on bulk coffees, point of purchase coffees, syrups, sauces, powder drink mixes, smoothies and more!

PRO’s Mix & Match savings don’t stop after hitting the maximum quantity! PRO gives you a discount on the first 4 bottles of syrup you order, then the 5th, 6th, up to the 12th and then on the 13th, 15th, 20th, etc. scaling as you increase your quantity. Combine Mix & Match with one of our shipping programs and you will receive better valued products in fewer shipments, giving you greater control over product loss and inventory.


All this and more, only at PRO.

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