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Choosing Coffee for Your Business

With so many coffees, where does one even begin to find the products that are right for their business and their customers? Choosing coffee for your business or cafe involves carefully selecting high-quality beans to satisfy the varied tastes of your customers. In this article, we give our tips and recommendations on choosing coffee beans for your business.

Choosing the right coffee for your business is crucial as it directly impacts the overall quality of your offerings, customer satisfaction, and ultimately, the success of your venture. Selecting high-quality beans with appealing flavor profiles ensures a memorable experience for your customers, encouraging repeat visits and positive word-of-mouth recommendations. 

But choosing the right coffee for your business, restaurant, or cafe can be very challenging. Sourcing beans from reputable suppliers, understanding the diverse preferences of your customer base, navigating the complexities of different coffee varieties and roast profiles, and ensuring consistency in quality and flavor all play a vital role in choosing coffee that will positively impact your business' bottom line. Additionally, market trends, pricing considerations, and operational constraints further complicate the decision-making process. Balancing these factors while striving to deliver a superior coffee experience that aligns with your brand identity and meets customer expectations requires careful consideration and expertise, making the task of choosing coffee for your business inherently difficult.

Finding the Right Coffee Wholesaler

Americans consume over 400 million cups of coffee per day making the United States one of the leading consumers of coffee in the world. On an average, 250 cups of espresso and coffee drinks are sold per day. To keep up with demand and satisfy your customers, it's important to partner with coffee experts who can help you choose coffee that can turn folks into loyal customers. Individual coffee drinkers all know what they like and that’s ok. At Dilworth, it's our job to help you serve the best coffee and deliver a great coffee experience.

To start, we have a number of different coffees selected by our team of buyers, an assortment of blends expertly crafted to deliver a consistent product year after year, a variety of flavors that are sure to please any palate, and an assortment of conventional and sustainably produced coffees.

Choosing Coffee for Your Business Online

Coffee is being increasingly purchased online. According to recent online coffee data, online coffee sales grew by 144% from 2014 to 2019, with the global online coffee market expected to reach $45.81 billion by 2028. For the coffee shop, choosing the right coffees are key to developing unique coffee experiences for your customers, and the exploration often starts with the attributes, tasting notes and roast levels. Using the robust search feature on our website, you can discover new products and filter by your favorite criteria to find others with similar attributes.

Our Dilworth Dispatch blog also has in-depth articles on many of our coffees, their individual attributes and the stories behind their origin, tips on how to prepare and serve, and insight into our selection and development process.

Choosing Coffee by Type - Espresso vs Drip Brew

For most coffee shops, there are two areas that are typically responsible for the largest pound movements: Espresso and Drip Brew.

These tend to be the foundation for your daily sales.

Other key points to consider - brewing, serving, and sales methods.

  • Do you intend to offer a variety of drip or single cup brewing options?
  • Does your customer base desire or demand flavored coffees?
  • What type of espresso-based drinks do you intend to serve?
  • What other aspects of coffee and the supply chain are important?

We offer a variety of coffees that will help you achieve your desired coffee and price objectives.

To learn more about how our coffees can be used in your coffee shop, business, or food service, let’s talk and we can help guide you through.

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