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Mix & Match Savings only at Dilworth PRO

Mix & Match Savings only at Dilworth PRO

Why should you be using PRO to place your orders? Good question. Among the many reasons, with our Mix & Match volume program available only on PRO, you could be savings hundreds or even thousands of dollars every year! Below are two sample monthly orders we created to display the savings that are available to you on our website. One is a high-volume order, the other is a low volume order. Starting with our already competitive pricing, we applied the Mix & Match savings individually per order and added up the numbers. The bottom line is we want to save you money, and this program is just one of the many ways we are doing that.

Mix & Match Savings

 The savings don’t stop here! Orders that reach the $1000 minimum qualify for our Free Freight Program. Coast to coast, orders $1000 and over receive free shipping throughout the contiguous United States.


You can still receive free freight on smaller orders by subscribing to our Freight & More program.


These examples illustrate two orders for a variety of products from coffee, syrups, tea, and smoothie mixes. The more you order, the more you save. For example, our bulk 5lb bags of coffee: Buy 30# of bulk coffee and save $0.25 / lb. Buy 60# you save $0.50 / lb. Buy 90# you save $0.75 / lb. Buy 120lbs you save $1.00 / lb. Every pound of coffee you buy over 120lbs is a dollar cheaper. This applies to any of our 5lb bags of coffee. Single origins, espresso blends, flavored and more. Smaller shops who don’t order as frequently will still save money, and every penny counts.

A similar deal exists for some allied products such as syrups and sauces. For example, Torani flavored sauces: Buy 4 bottles - Save $0.50 per bottle. Buy 8 bottles - Save $0.75 per bottle. Buy 12 bottles - Save $1.00 per bottle. Every bottle over 12 you buy is a dollar cheaper.

We are committed to providing you with quality products at good prices and great customer service. Please call us or email us to set up an appointment to learn more about how you could save shopping on Cheers!

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