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Damaged or Missing Shipment - Dilworth Coffee

Reporting Damaged or Missing Freight from Dilworth Coffee

Here at Dilworth, we take extra care when sending out every order, but we also recognize things happen! If your shipment is damaged or missing, we'll do what we can to get things straightened out. Read this blog to get your damaged freight process started.


  • Inspect all deliveries upon receipt.
  • Ensure all the products arrive without damage and the piece count is correct BEFORE you sign for your package.
  • If there is damage, please see below for the damage claim process.

Please Note: all claims for damaged shipments must be made within 2 business days of receipt and must be submitted to


          Step 1: Upon inspection of received shipment, note all damages with the delivery driver. Note the condition of the external packaging, damaged products, and internal packing material such as packing peanuts, Styrofoam, and cardboard dividers etc. Be sure to note to the driver that the shipment is damaged.

          Step 2: Upon receipt of shipment, be sure to record the order number, box number, and tracking number. All this information should be available on the shipping label.

          Step 3: After noting all damages, take pictures of the external packaging, the product, the internal packing material, and the shipping label. Email all photos, tracking and orders numbers to

          Step 4: Once we have received your email, our customer success team will research the issue and reach back out when a resolution has been determined or for next steps.

          Please Note: keep the damaged item and packaging until claim is approved, as we may need to contact you for more information.

            LTL SHIPMENTS

            In the case of LTL shipments and not UPS/FedEx: after noting damages with the driver, ensure that the driver generates an OS+D (Over, short, and damaged) number so that the trucking company is aware of reported damage. Note any damages on the BOL when signing and provide as much detail as you can about the damages, as any extra information will help in the damage claim process. Submit any claims DIRECTLY TO THE CARRIER, and not Dilworth Coffee. 

            R+L (LTL): 252-243-2525

            MISSING ITEMS

            We recommend you contact FedEx directly with their tracking number to see if they can locate/resolve with them first. If unsuccessful, contact Dilworth to research the package.

            FedEx customer service: 800-463-3339

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