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Dilworth Coffee and Educate 2 Envision 2023 Recap

Educate 2 Envision: A Look at the 2023 School Year in Review

Another school year has wrapped up in Honduras for the students of Educate 2 Envision (E2E). Dilworth is so proud to continue to support this initiative focused on bringing education to young students in rural areas of Honduras. Here is an update of all the great things that happened through Educate 2 Envision over the course of this past year.

The number of graduates at Los Planes increased from 24 to 35 in 2023. Not only that, but dropout rates also decreased by 70%!

Community Involvement

Part of student’s education through E2E involves participation in community projects, some of which include:

  • A community campaign to clean up walkways, streets, and streams to reduce environmental contamination.
  • A campaign focused on spreading information on dengue fever and chikungunya and how to prevent the spread of diseases.
  • A project to build a water storage system for a local family, and continued maintenance and painting of the Los Planes school.

School Improvements

In 2023, several changes and improvements have been made to the Los Planes school. Through extra support from Dilworth Coffee, Educate 2 Envision was able to install Wi-Fi at the Los Planes school, giving students access to a greater enriched education and large amounts of information. Los Planes also received additional government funding to carry out these improvements.


Student Spotlight

E2E has highlighted the careers of a few students who have been significantly and positively impacted by contributions to this initiative from companies like Dilworth Coffee.

A student named Edmy has been able to continue his education while his grandmother received dialysis treatment.


Yenry is an ambitious student who is applying for a special scholarship program where they would receive training in motorcycle repair. Yenry is also a talented young musician and, thanks to Educate2Envision, is able to continue their creative pursuits.


Angie is a student who dreams of being an engineer. She serves as a co-facilitator with Yenry, teaching leadership courses at the school. Together they are developing their public speaking skills!


A Look into 2024

There is always more to do, and more things to achieve with Educate2Envision and the Honduran community. A few goals for 2024 include:

  • Establishing connections between Los Planes graduates and trade school opportunities to further educate the students and help meet the needs of the community.
  • A virtual option for students who cannot travel to the school, so they can receive an education remotely.
  • Connecting students with community leaders around the country with regional leadership conferences that are on the horizon for 2024.

Dilworth is so inspired and proud of our relationship with E2E and can’t wait to see what great things 2024 brings to this community! Every bag of coffee you buy from us that contains Honduran beans directly helps support the communities and students through our partnership with Educate 2 Envision.

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