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Introducing Mix & Match Product Pricing - Dilworth Coffee

Introducing Mix & Match Product Pricing

Dilworth PRO is more than just easily searching and finding products you need and products you did not know you needed. You’ll find exciting new items to try by the bottle, carton, bag, or box with quantity discounts for you to save the more you buy.

Our competitive pricing is even more competitive with our Mix & Match product pricing allowing you to combine similar items in a product family to get case discounts. So you can buy the individual unit, multiples of the same unit or a full case of different similar units. For example, on a 750ML Torani Syrup we have the individual bottle price, a discount of $0.25 for 6 or more bottles or a discount of $0.50 for a full case of 12 bottles. View your cart to see your current savings. They can all be a different flavors too, so Mix & Match how you please.

Mix & Match Savings


Forgot to add in that extra bottle of a syrup that just ran out? Add it to your order and get the full case discount. No starting the tally up again or taking off something else!

Mix & Match Product Pricing savings are available on over 2,000 regularly stocked items. Look for the Mix & Match savings chart on each item description page. Essentially, the more you buy the more you save!

Mix & Match Savings on Coffee
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