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Charleston Caramel Chew - June Flavored Coffee - Dilworth Coffee

Charleston Caramel Chew Flavored Coffee

Named after the iconic dance, the Charleston Chew was created in 1925, making it one of the oldest candy bars still sold in the USA today. While the famous candy bar is nearly one-hundred years old, the flavors are far from outdated. There is something about the combination of marshmallow, nougat and chocolate that just never seems to get old.

So, what would you get if you mixed the classic taste of the Charleston Chew with a flavor as timeless as coffee? Our Charleston Caramel Chew is the perfect combination of coffee and candy. Our coffee is specially roasted to accentuate its natural chocolatey taste and creamy body. Add some subtle flavors of caramel and nougat and you have a coffee that's good enough to make you dance!

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