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Papua New Guinea Coffee - March Natural Coffee - Dilworth Coffee Provision Company

Papua New Guinea Coffee - March Natural Coffee

There are few coffee origins as exotic and far away from the US as Papua New Guinea. It’s located near Indonesia, but that’s where the similarities end.


Coffee in PNG tends to be washed. This process is very different than wet hulling, which occurs in most of Indonesia. This is one reason why the flavors of PNG coffee differs so wildly from those of its close neighbors. PNG coffees are known for their lively, but balanced acidities, pronounced sweetness, and often fruity accents in aroma and flavor.

Lamari Papua New Guinea Coffee

Cultivation tends to occur in small plots or coffee gardens. Many homes grow coffee alongside other food crops that are consumed by the household or sold locally. The soils are extremely fertile and require little if any synthetic fertilizer. Virtually none is used in these coffee gardens which makes PNG coffee some of the most organically grown in the world. You’ll not find many certifications here though. One of the main reasons is culturally the peoples of rural PNG tend to be dispersed by tribal and ancestral groups. They speak hundreds of different and distinct languages and neighboring groups tend to have minimal interaction with one another. The country’s terrain is rugged, and infrastructure (like paved roads) is limited.

Lamari Papua New Guinea Coffee

Due to the realities of coffee growing in PNG, plus its remote location, direct partnerships with roasters are hard to establish and maintain. It takes a dedicated and experienced network on the ground, year-round to navigate the complexities of PNG. Working with various groups to standardize and improve picking and sorting for the specialty market has been slow to develop, but is a reality now, and the coffees are consistently unique and amazing.

This one is named after the Lamari River, which runs through the eastern highlands, where these beans are grown. We keep the roast level to light-medium to accentuate the nuanced flavor and highlight the natural sweetness.

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