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Red Raspberry Dark Chocolate Mocha - February's Drink - Dilworth Coffee Provision Company

Red Raspberry Dark Chocolate Mocha - February's Drink

Because life is like a box of chocolates. Celebrate your love of love (and espresso) with this raspberry mocha.

Berries and chocolate were meant for each other. With this thought in mind, we felt our Raspberry Mocha fits right into Valentine's season – a delicious combination of chocolate, raspberry, and Dilworth espresso.

The full-body richness of Dilworth Espresso mingles gloriously with rich dark chocolate and the sweetness of raspberry to create a delectable and enamoring drink for you to enjoy for the month of February.

Red Raspberry Dark Chocolate Mocha









Dilworth Espresso

2 shots

2 shots

4 shots

Torani Red Raspberry

(Dairy Friendly)

2 pumps

2 pumps

3 pumps

Torani PM Dark Chocolate

1 pump

 1.5 pumps

2 pumps

Milk Foam or Whipped Cream





  1. Measure Torani Raspberry and Dark Chocolate into a cup
  2. Pull Espresso, pour it into a cup, and mix well
  3. Steam milk and pour slowly into a cup
  4. Top with milk foam or whipped cream

Note: Top with chocolate drizzle or chocolate shavings

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