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How To Make Your Own Cold Foam - Dilworth Coffee

How To Make Your Own Cold Foam

Let’s talk about Cold Foam.

Cold foam is essentially just flavored whipped cream -- and it’s quite delicious. With cold foam, you are taking whipped cream to very soft peaks, instead of making hard whipped cream as you may for a dessert or milk shake.

Flavored cold foam is simply heavy whipping cream and flavored syrup, beaten with a hand frother or immersion blender until it thickens to a soft whipped cream.

Flavored syrups such as Torani and Monin have really taken cold foam to the next level. The endless flavors and possibilities will inspire you and your team to make creations your customers will rave about.

What You'll Need:

  • heavy cream/heavy whipping cream
  • flavored coffee syrup, such as Torani or Monin
  • handheld milk frother or immersion blender.
  • milk frothing pitcher or vessel to froth in


Cold foam is simply 1 part coffee syrup to 2 parts heavy whipping cream.

Insert your handheld milk frother or pour your heavy cream and flavored syrup in your blender and blend until it has reached the desired texture and consistency. Then, pour the cold foam over your cold beverage of choice and serve! For a nice aesthetic touch, top with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Pro Tip: for best results when using an electric hand frother, move up and down in the mixture to make sure you are incorporating air throughout.




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