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Smartfruit: Natural Smoothies and Refreshers - Dilworth Coffee

Smartfruit: Natural Smoothies and Refreshers

Let’s talk about smoothies. Over the past several years, we have seen the demand for smoothies in traditional cafés reach new heights. The coffee shop used to be the place people went to for a good cup of coffee and perhaps some fresh baked goods, but more and more we are seeing cafes become creative with the products they are offering their customers. Why should a smoothie shop be the only place where people can go to get a refreshing, fruit-forward beverage?

Dilworth Coffee is here to do the hard work for you. When we see a need developing in the coffee market, we explore all aspects to provide a simple and efficient solution. If you are going to entertain a completely different product for your business, we want to full-heartedly provide you with a clear direction. For years, we have carried multiple smoothie and refresher products that we firmly believe service the needs of our customers, but we are always on the lookout for new partners. Thus, we are proud to introduce a new product in the Dilworth Coffee catalogue: Smart Fruit by 3V Company!

3V Company has been in the fruit beverage business since 1941 in Brooklyn, New York, and has proven themselves to be a reliable and top-quality manufacturer ever since. Their Smart Fruit product line was launched in 2016, ushering in an impressive selection of 100% real fruit puree mixes, compared to leading competitors that are only ~5-30% real fruit content.

smartfruit smoothies

What makes Smartfruit stand apart?

Smart Fruit is made with certified Non-GMO ingredients, without added sugars, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors. It is also bottled as a concentrate, so all you need to do is mix it with a little water (or your preferred milk product) and ice, blend until smooth, and you have a delicious smoothie that is as natural as if you had chopped the fruit yourself. The concentrate also guarantees more beverages per bottle while saving on valuable storage space. On top of all this, Smartfruit smoothies have a 300-400% markup value! However, smoothies aren’t the only big trend on the market these days.

smartfruit refresher

Smartfruit Refreshers

Refreshers have also gained a lot of popularity as a fruity, caffeinated alternative to coffee. They are made using the natural caffeine found in unroasted green coffee combined with your favorite fruits and herbs. Smart Fruit just recently started their line of Refresher products and they are as delicious as their smoothie purees. Just mix the Smart Fruit Refresher concentrate just with water and ice to yield a tasty, tea-like beverage with the same natural caffeine you would find in your morning brew.

We at Dilworth Coffee are excited to offer these unique smoothie and refresher products. With a wide array of flavors to choose from, Smart Fruit is next in a long line of products that we are proud to offer. If you are on the search for something unique and new for your cafes, then your search just might be over.



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