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Go Chai Latte Two Leaves and a Bud - Dilworth Coffee

Go Chai Latte by Two Leaves and a Bud

Fancy a chai tea latte, but you're always on the go? Dilworth has got you covered! Go Chai Latte by Two Leaves and a Bud is an instant, on the go chai latte mix that will satisfy all your cravings. These travel size sachets let you enjoy chai tea however you like, wherever you like. Diary free and vegan, it’s almost too good to be true! We carry a variety of TLAB teas for every season of your life, and this Chai is here just in time for the chilly winter weather.


Chai hails from the Assam region of India around 5000 years ago. It was originally a medical blend of spices used to treat ailments and did not contain any tea at all. When black tea was discovered in India, it was quickly added to the spice mix and spread. Chai is so versatile, that every region and culture of India could adjust it to their own tastes. By adding a spice or taking one away, a chai blend can be sweet, savory or spicy. The caffeine content can also easily be changed by the amount of black tea one adds.

5000 years later, chai is seen as a delicious hot beverage to enjoy on a chilly autumn day, and now it’s easier than ever to enjoy. You can experience that artisanal café chai tea latte taste without the hassle of waiting in line. Everything you need is contained in this travel size 1oz sachet.

The sachets can be used in many applications. The easiest way is to add the contents to your favorite mug, stir in 8oz of hot water and enjoy! If you want a more luxurious latte, use half water and half your choice of milk, or even all milk for a delectable morning treat. For the seasoned barista, this mix works just as well with your espresso machine. Add the contents to your choice of milk and steam away! This mix can just as easily be shaken in a metal shaker. Try shaking it with heavy whipping cream and making a cinnamon shaken cream to top different tea beverages.

The cost breaks down to $1.25 per sachet. TLAB's Go Chai is a cost-effective, time-saving solution for your café.

If you’ve never tried chai tea, this may be a great place to start! The sachets are convenient but spare no expense on flavor. Classic chai spices like cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, fennel and clove. The black tea powder already contains organic sweetener and powdered oat milk, so no need to add cream and sugar. So grab a packet of Go Chai and sip it how you feel it. Cheers!

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