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The PRO Difference - Dilworth Coffee

The PRO Difference or “PRO” for short!

At Dilworth Coffee, our focus is coffee shops. We have owned and operated coffee shops and have assisted thousands of owners and operators in doing the same. We know that the specialty coffees and products you purchase from us are critical to the operations of your business. We started as a coffee shop and relied upon our shipments to keep us brewing and serving guests, we get it! The order needs to arrive complete, on time and in operations ready condition. We designed PRO to provide you, the business operator, with the best coffee shop coffees and products, ready to ship on their way to you. What does all this mean?

  • First, we offer quick order fulfillment with most orders ready to ship within a business day.
  • Second, we try to ensure all your packages show up in a single order or as close together as possible.
  • Third, we pack the items as securely as possible to minimize breakage, crushing, bursting bags or broken bottles. We use a corrugated glass bottle shipper, made from reclaimed materials, on all our glass 750ML bottles to help minimize breakage. While it adds to the cost of the item, the additional assurance to avoid sticky messes is well worth it.
  • Fourth, we offer a variety of free or no additional shipping cost options for you. All orders $1,000 or more ship free, always. This is ideal for the large buyer or infrequent buyer. We also have a subscription designed for low volume orders of $79 or more to ship free to you, called Freight & More. You always have the option to pick up at our warehouse.


Real Customer Service Relationships Who Know the Coffee Business
When you call us at Dilworth, a real person will pick up the phone. Not only a real person, but an experienced coffee shop professional to field your questions and concerns. We will walk with you and your business on the path to success.

Competitive Volume Pricing
We offer very fair and competitive industry pricing, from buying a single unit or bottle to multiple cases. Our competitors limit their discounts to a certain number of items, while the discounts on PRO scale as you order. The more you order, the more you save! Our Mix & Match program discounts every item according to the amount you order without restarting the count.


Combine our competitive pricing and great service with access to our coffee professionals, we aim to provide you with the best value possible.

Coffee Shop Expertise
Running a coffee shop is not easy! It requires a lot of attention, expertise, and commitment to provide consistently great service and products to your customers every day. With our coffee shop experience, we can provide you with that expertise along with great products.

  • We can provide virtual or on-site training for you and your staff in SOP’s (standard operating procedures) and restaurant procedure. We observe the way you’re operating and assess it to see if it can be improved. No coffee shop is the same in volume, staff, customers, or layout. All these things must be considered when organizing equipment, establishing procedures, and implementing new menus.
  • In-depth coffee training and skills; best practices when it comes to the context of your shop and vision. We can tailor the training to the specific vision you want to execute. Maybe you want to develop the latte art skills of your baristas. Perhaps you’re looking to purchase a few pour-over coffee set-ups and need to know how best to use them. We can assist you in all these small details that may not have been thought of along the way.
  • Menu design and costing. We can take the tools and products you already have available to help you develop new beverage and food offerings. We can also calculate the cost of the menu for you, so you know exactly what you’re paying, and how much you’re making on every item you sell. These numbers may change in practice, but it’s vital that you have a goal and direction. Knowing your food cost is fundamental to being profitable, and we can help you with that.

Community and Giving Back
Dilworth is community centered. We started as a small local coffee shop thirty years ago. The goal then was to serve and be a part of the community. That’s still our goal here at Dilworth. Though we’ve grown and facilitate shops and businesses all over the east coast, we still maintain our focus: community. We care about sustainability and social impact. We can serve you anywhere, with a locally minded attitude.

We support a variety of causes and efforts led by our associates and customers in our communities. From school and church fundraisers to the arts, we feel it’s important to support those who support us.

To support the producers and farmers who grow our great coffees, we first established a direct trading relationship in 2018 with a farm in Honduras, Santa Lucia. We believe in working together to ensure everyone benefits from these great coffees. Through their US based family member, we traveled to their farm and sampled the coffees as the initial harvest was coming it. We discussed their different grades, cup profile and how we could use and pay more for the better lots. This established our relationship with Santa Lucia and have been buying from them since 2018.


During our initial visits to the farm, we learned that while elementary education was mandated by the government, middle school and beyond were optional and paid for by the students and their families. The children in Santa Lucia communities had to pay higher fees and travel for many miles on unpaved roads making higher education beyond reach for many. In 2019 we started working with Raul Rodriguez and his farm, and a nonprofit in Honduras called Educate2Envision, or E2E.


We contribute an annual retainer paid in periodic installments to help them build and operate a middle school on the farm. No more long travels down unpaved roads. Graduates have become nurses, health care technicians, teachers, and clerical workers. Often staying in the local community to provide needed services to their towns.

We know how much the small details matter, and we are committed to those details. We created PRO with all of this in mind. We are quality focused, community centered, and driven by expertise. We are coffee people, for coffee people. 

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