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Organic Honduras Santa Lucia - April Natural Coffee - Dilworth Coffee

Organic Honduras Santa Lucia Coffee

Spring is a great time to be a coffee lover. Why? Because spring is when we start drinking new crop coffees from Central American farms. Finca Santa Lucia, one of our very favorite farms, consistently provides us with clean and crisp new crop coffee in March and April every year. This year’s crop has arrived just in time to be featured as our April Coffee of the Month.

Perfectly planted in Montaña de La Choca, a Honduras national mountain reserve, Finca Santa Lucia is surrounded by a cloud forest full of exotic wildlife and beautiful vistas.

Coffee Cherries

The well-defined seasons in this region contribute to the high quality of specialty coffees grown at Finca Santa Lucia. The rainy season results in beautiful cherry development, and the clear, dry season allows the producers in this area to slowly sun-dry their coffee on outdoor patios. This step allows the coffee to roast very evenly and maximizes its inherent sweetness.


Raul Rodriguez

Owner Raul Rodriguez is a third-generation coffee farmer who is known for his fair treatment of his workers. These workers, who are instrumental to the coffee’s quality, are paid some of the highest wages in the area. 15 families reside on the farm year-round, and another 75 workers join them during harvest season. Finca Santa Lucia is located over 2.5 hours from the nearest city, Comayagua. This means the workers and their neighbors do not have access to many amenities that farms closer to town enjoy. One example of this is that the local school was only able to accommodate students through the 6th grade in a basic two-room building. Raul led the way by making sure the school had up-to-date electricity and upgraded kitchen facilities. As part of our direct trade relationship with Finca Santa Lucia, Dilworth Coffee has joined Raul in supporting the local school. We return part of our proceeds from this coffee, which has created and continues to fund 7th, 8th, and 9th grades. You can read more about this project HERE.

Finca Santa Lucia

Finca Santa Lucia is a certifed organic farm. We roast the beans to a medium profile to highlight the sweetness and body without completely overpowering its wonderful acidity. Expect notes of caramel and milk chocolate with a slight hint of tangy citrus that keeps it tasting clean and leaves you wanting another cup.

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