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Proudly Fueling the NC State Fair with Dilworth Coffee

Proudly Fueling the NC State Fair with Dilworth Coffee

Every year in the chilly Fall air of North Carolina, just shy of one million North Carolinians eagerly flood to the NC State fair grounds for a celebration of the state’s agriculture, agribusiness, arts, crafts, and culture through the agricultural fair. The annual 11-day event hosts numerous varieties of games booths, carnival rides, exhibitions, and food vendors from around the state. This year’s fair’s slogan is “Nothing Could be Finer.”

The first North Carolina State fair took place in 1853. It lasted four days and hosted around 4,000 attendees. It’s grown a whole lot since then, but the intention of the fair, aside from celebrating all the great things the people of NC have to offer, is to educate all North Carolinians about the importance of agriculture to our heritage and our economy. More than $600,000 of prize money is awarded every year to exhibitors, farmers, and wonderful artists for adding to the state’s diverse history of agriculture.

We at Dilworth, a local coffee roaster, are so proud to fuel the tireless staff of the Department of Agriculture with coffee as they provide North Carolinians with an amazing week of food, art, and festivals. Whether you’re going for a steaming hot dog and an ice-cold lemonade, or a Krispy Kreme burger while watching the monster trucks, coffee is the heartbeat of it all. Dilworth is proudly NC, and proud to support the NC State Fair.

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