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Proud to be NC Local

Proud to be NC Local

Dilworth is proudly North Carolinian! We got our start 30 years ago as a coffee shop in Charlotte, NC and slowly grew to where we are today. We maintain various certifications and standards for our coffee and support educational programs like Educate2Evision, which we’ve written about previously HERE. One of the stamps we proudly show is Got to Be NC—a program dedicated to promoting and supporting North Carolina's agriculture industry. Every coffee bean you buy from Dilworth is Got to Be NC approved!

What Is Got to Be NC?

Got to Be NC is a North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services establishment. The program focuses on connecting consumers with local farmers, food producers, and businesses that proudly carry the "Got to Be NC" seal.

This seal represents products that are grown, raised, caught, or made in North Carolina. By supporting the Got to Be NC program, consumers can have confidence that they are choosing high-quality, locally sourced products that contribute to the state's economy and the sustainability of its agricultural heritage.

Representing a Tapestry of Local Products

The Got to Be NC program showcases a wide range of agricultural products, from fresh produce and meats to value-added food products and beverages. Farmers, ranchers, and food producers across North Carolina participate in the program, offering a diverse selection of goods for consumers to explore and enjoy. From farm-fresh fruits and vegetables to artisanal cheeses, local honey, craft beers, and award-winning wines, the program celebrates the rich tapestry of North Carolina's agricultural offerings. By purchasing products with the Got to Be NC seal, consumers can directly support local farmers and producers while enjoying the freshness and flavor that come with products grown and made close to home.

The Impact of Got to Be NC on Agriculture Awareness

In addition to promoting local products, the Got to Be NC program also raises awareness about the importance of agriculture to the state's economy and culture. Through events, educational programs, and marketing initiatives, the program showcases the stories and hard work behind North Carolina's agricultural industry. Whether attending a farmer's market, visiting a local winery, or dining at a restaurant featuring Got to Be NC ingredients, consumers can engage with the program and gain a deeper appreciation for the dedication and innovation that fuels North Carolina's farming community. The Got to Be NC program serves as a bridge between farmers and consumers, fostering a sense of connection and pride in supporting local agriculture and the vibrant communities it sustains.

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