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E2E Update: The Impact of Internet in Los Planes - Dilworth Coffee

E2E Update: The Impact of Internet in Los Planes

At Dilworth, we believe in the power of social impact, and we are proud to share our journey of creating change at origin. Since 2019, through our contributions and partnership with nonprofit organization Educate2Envision, we have funded the first secondary school in the community of Los Planes and provided internet access to over 100 students in grades 1-9. Join us as we explore the transformative impact of this collaboration with Educate2Envision and the hope it brings to young minds.

Educate2Envision International

A Community in Need:

Located in the Central Western region of Honduras, over 2 hours from the main town, the beautiful coffee-producing community of Los Planes is home to the Dilworth-sponsored secondary school providing affordable access to education for youth attending 7th-9th grade. Previously less than 10% of 6th grade graduates continued studying due to the lack of transportation and high costs of reaching the nearest public secondary school. Today, that number has jumped to over 90%.

Dilworth helps low-income students with life-changing scholarships such as 9th grader Henry who walks 9km to attend the Los Planes school every week or 7th grader Melexi whose mother earns only $100 a month washing clothes as the breadwinner of the family.

Educate2Envision Classroom

Even with this newfound access to secondary school, the digital divide has held back the youth from reaching their full potential. The school in Los Planes, while dedicated to providing quality education, struggled with limited access to online resources that could enhance the learning experience.

As described by Educate2Envision, “connectivity in rural communities is the best expression of educational, social, cultural and economic inclusion to incorporate youth and their environment into a globalized world.”

Empowering Education through Internet Access:

Understanding the transformative power of connectivity, we at Dilworth embarked on a mission to empower education in Los Planes. We recognized that by addressing the issue of internet access, we could bridge the gap and open doors of opportunity for these children.

As of 2023, we now cover the monthly Wi-Fi fees to provide the necessary technology to establish a reliable internet connection at the school. Through our donations, we were able to install high-speed internet, equip the classroom with a projector and computer, and ensure ongoing technical support to sustain the initiative.

The Transformative Impact:

The arrival of Wi-fi has brought a newfound energy and enthusiasm to the learning experience in Los Planes. Students eagerly harnessed the power of the internet, gaining access to a wealth of knowledge, interactive learning materials, and global perspectives. The limitations of textbooks and the confined world of a remote rural community seemed to fade away, replaced by a vast digital landscape teeming with endless possibilities.

Teachers are witnessing an exponential growth in student engagement and academic performance. Lessons have become more dynamic and interactive, fostering critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity. With the internet as their guide, students are embracing the opportunity to explore new subjects, dive into research projects, and eventually will be able to connect with supporters and fellow youth leaders from different parts of the world.

A Sustainable Impact:

Educate2Envision Uniform

Dilworth firmly believes that social impact initiatives must be sustainable to create lasting change. As our charity partner, Educate2Envision has collaborated closely with the local community and school administration to ensure the project's long-term success. Training programs were conducted to empower teachers with the necessary skills to leverage technology effectively. Additionally, they established a maintenance and support system to address any technical issues promptly.

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