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Bourbon Pecan Pie - March Flavored Coffee - Dilworth Coffee

Bourbon Pecan Pie Flavored Coffee

Regardless of how you pronounce it (“pee-can” or “pe-cawn”), no one can deny that bourbon pecan pie is an American classic. There are few flavors as nostalgic as bourbon pecan pie. A longtime favorite sweet at the dessert table, its brown sugary sweetness, and nutty aroma insist upon the company of an equally delicious cup of coffee. A single taste can take you back to chilly nights spent around the fireplace with friends and loved ones. This set us down the path, many years ago, of creating a coffee that perfectly captured these moments.


The resulting Bourbon Pecan Pie coffee has proven to be as delicious and popular as its namesake. The caramelly, nutty flavor pairs perfectly with our bold beans to create a truly delicious cup of coffee, complete with a velvety butterscotch finish. In fact, we would be willing to bet that a pot of this coffee brewing in the morning, will convince you there is a fresh pie cooling on the kitchen table. It has certainly fooled us a couple of times.

Drink it black, add cream and sweetener, and maybe even top it with whipped cream if you are fighting a particularly strong sweet tooth. We are proud to say that the result is the same: a delicious cup of coffee as sweet as pie.

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