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January - Organic Honduras Decaf Coffee (Water Processed) - Dilworth Coffee

Organic Honduras Decaf Coffee (Water Processed)

January is a time of resolutions. Probably to exercise more and live a healthier lifestyle. We’ll cut out many of the treats that we, oh-so recently, over-indulged in during the holidays. For some, caffeine falls into this category. But wait, coffee is good for you, isn’t it? Heck yes, it is, but there is no need to cut out coffee just to take a break from caffeine!

Don’t worry, we’ve got your health nuts covered with our Organic Honduras Decaf.

Typically, only lower quality, washed process coffees are sent to be decaffeinated—because why would anyone want to decaffeinate a good coffee, right?

Well, not so much anymore. These days even our decaf is some of the best coffee you’ve ever tasted because we started with coffee just as good as our highest-end caffeinated ones.


Honduras Coffee Worker
In the spirit of New Year’s resolutions, we’ve decided to profile our organic certified, honey process (higher quality processing method) decaffeinated coffee from the Marcala region in Honduras. This coffee was grown by a network of producers who participate in a directly traded relationship with our partners De La Finca importers. The coffee is grown and processed with all the love and care that our highest-end single origins are, but was then sent to Descamex in Vera Cruz, Mexico. There it was organically decaffeinated (without the use of chemicals) using pure water from Pico de Orizaba. This volcano is the third largest peak in North America and from it flows some of the purest water on the continent.

Expect rich flavors of milk chocolate, and toasted almonds, with a touch of citrus-like vibrancy not common in a decaf coffee.

As with all of Dilworth’s coffee offerings from Honduras, this organic certified decaf helps contribute to our support of Educate2Envision, which brings middle schools to underserved, remote, coffee-producing regions in Honduras.

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