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Holiday Blend - Dilworth Coffee

Holiday Blend Coffee

Gather round one and all, as ol’ man Dilworth tells you a Christmas tale you’ve never heard before and shall never hear again. Perk up your ears and ready your taste buds for a fable as old as the wee humble beans we turn into our delicious coffee.

Holiday Blend Dilworth Coffee

In my day I traveled all over this round world and met all kinds of creatures and critters, some you would believe and some you wouldn’t. I remember when my feet touched the sand in Yemen attempting to find the origin of this beverage that has captured my life and taken over my mind. The memories of my muddy feet trudging through the jungles of Peru are lodged in the cracks in my mind. Oh! This big, beautiful world! Uncontainable! What has it done to me! A forgotten year, stranded beneath Mount Kilimanjaro, many many sunsets ago, I found myself alone on Christmas eve. All the contents of my pockets I laid out on the ground in front of me. A collection of beans I gathered from my journey across the plains. Over the small dwindling fire in front of me, I carefully roasted them to a dark toasty brown. The next morning, I watched the sun rise above the tree line as I sipped on the mysterious blend. My taste buds alight! Roasted nuts, smooth spices, sweet caramel, dried fruit, a delightful thickness, what have I created!

That taste still lingers in my mind all these years later. Every year we release a blend that reminds me of my travels around the world, our Holiday Blend. The perfect gift this season for you and your family. It’s sure to delight you first thing in the morning and pair with cake and cobbler after all your family gatherings this December. 

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