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Colombia Coffee

Colomian Coffee

Colombian coffee is renowned worldwide for its exceptional quality and distinctive flavors. Nestled in the lush mountains of the Andes, Colombia's unique geography, ideal climate, and rich coffee-growing tradition contribute to the production of some of the finest beans on the planet. From handpicking the ripest cherries to sun-drying and sorting the beans, Colombian farmers employ traditional methods to ensure the highest quality. Small family-owned farms, known as fincas, dot the landscapes, where the coffee cherries are carefully nurtured and harvested by skilled farmers.



Coffee Plant

This coffee, imported by our friends at De La Finca Coffee Importers, comes from La Esperanza coffee farm in northern Colombia. Located in Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, this small farm grows its coffee at 1650m (5400ft) above sea level. Being located further north in the Andes Mountain chain, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is not as well-known as some other coffee growing regions in Colombia. However, this farm’s climate, with its combination of high altitudes, fertile volcanic soil, and abundant rainfall with daily cloud cover, allows for high quality arabica production that can rival more famous regions like Huila and Narino.

Dario and Iliana Delgado

Dario Delgado has been a coffee producer since 1998 and in 2015 he started this coffee farm with his daughter Iliana to focus on growing specialty coffee. All their coffee plants are grown and nurtured under native tree shade allowing the coffee cherries to develop slowly and consistently while also maintaining natural habitat for native birds and insects. Harvest season comes between October and February, where the Delgados utilize their own coffee mill to carefully control all aspects of washing, drying, and sorting their crop. The farm is also located close to the Santa Marta Maritime Port. This has helped Dario and Iliana to pursue their goal of having all their coffee directly traded to companies like De La Finca whose priorities are to cultivate mutually beneficial and lasting relationships with local farmers.

This coffee captivates the senses with its remarkable array of flavors. The combination of the region's unique microclimates, altitude variations, and diverse soil conditions contributes to the distinct profiles found in La Esperanza’s beans. Notes of caramel, chocolate, citrus, and floral undertones dance on the palate, offering a delightful complexity and balance that can be savored in every sip. This coffee's versatility makes it suitable for all brewing methods, from traditional drip brewing to espresso-based beverages. Embrace the warmth, richness, and hospitality that Colombian coffee represents and embark on a sensory journey through a lesser-known region of one of the world's most celebrated coffee origins.

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