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Expanded Freight & More Program To 10 States - Dilworth Coffee Provision Company

Expanded Freight & More Program To 10 States

Freight & More has expanded from 5 to 10 states! Our freight subscription program is now available to customers buying at standard wholesale pricing throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, District of Colombia, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Kentucky and West Virginia.

Freight & More program is a freight subscription service that gives subscribers access to priority order processing on over 1500 eligible products. Minimum order for free shipping is $79 per eligible location. The current monthly subscription fee is $99 for the primary location and each additional location is $49/month.

Subscribe first to enjoy benefits of Freight & More program.

Ready to start with Freight & More program?


If Freight & More is not for you, all orders above $1,000 now ship free to all contiguous US states. Coast-to-coast, Canadian border all the way to the Mexican border -- orders of $1,000+ ship at no cost!

Contact your rep or complete the contact form to receive more information.

US Map
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