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Smooth Moves Coffee

Smooth Moves Coffee

Smooth Moves - Dilworth Natural Coffee

Blends come and go over the lifetime of a coffee roaster. Some have that little bit of something special to keep them around. Smooth Moves was created to be a crowd pleaser. To gather flocks of coffee lovers from far and wide to celebrate its robust body, nutty aroma, and smooth layered sweetness. This blend is a combination of our single origin Brazil and our single origin Honduras. The medium roasted Brazil brings a nutty sweetness, and the Honduras brings the fine citrus and chocolatey notes. Not only that, but all the sales of our Honduras beans help us donate to an education program in Honduras called E2E.

Anytime of day is the best time of day to enjoy a cup of Smooth Moves, but it was crafted to be a late morning, early afternoon easy drinking brew. Perfect for your home, after dinner with a slice of cake, or first thing waking up on vacation. It’s also available in easy-to-use frac packs; pre ground and nitrogen sealed for flavor and freshness. Smooth Moves is made for every kind of coffee drinker, any time of day.

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