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Midnight Lotus Espresso - October Natural Coffee - Dilworth Coffee

Midnight Lotus - Dilworth Espresso Blend

An espresso blend represents the pinnacle of coffee craftsmanship, meticulously curated to create a harmonious and balanced cup that stands up to the intense extraction process of espresso making. These blends, a carefully considered combination of beans from various origins, are designed to achieve a complexity of flavor that single-origin coffees might not be able to provide on their own under the high pressure and concentrated nature of espresso brewing.

What is an Espresso Blend?

An espresso blend is a curated mix of coffee beans from different origins, specifically crafted to create a balanced and harmonious flavor profile when brewed using an espresso machine. The blending process involves selecting beans that complement each other in terms of acidity, body, sweetness, and aroma, aiming to produce a consistent and enjoyable espresso experience. Unlike single-origin coffees, which highlight the unique characteristics of beans from a specific region, espresso blends are designed to achieve a particular flavor goal, such as a smooth chocolatey base with hints of fruitiness or a bold, creamy texture with nutty undertones.

Dilworth's Midnight Lotus Espresso

Midnight Lotus Espresso

This espresso blend is near and dear to our hearts. Midnight Lotus turns 18 this year! The story of Dilworth, and the story of third wave coffee can be told from this tiny brown bean. This blend came from a roasting culture that was drawn out of darkness. Dark roasted coffee beans were the norm, and variation was hard to find in the early 2000’s. Roasters from across the nation began coming together to compare new techniques, styles, blends, and flavors. We received a particularly good batch of Ethiopian Harar natural process that tasted like wild blueberries. We started blending it with other regions to create the profile Midnight Lotus has had for 20 years. There should be chocolatiness, roasted nuts, and a distinct fruity tang. This first blend was taken to the very first SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) Beginner and Intermediate Barista training class in 2005. We shared it with our friends in the industry and were met with contagious excitement. It was soon one of our best-selling coffees and continues to be all these years later. It marks a change in the coffee industry. A change for roasters, and for drinkers. A change in knowledge about where coffee comes from, how it’s roasted, and how it’s served.

How to Enjoy Midnight Lotus Espresso

Midnight Lotus is intended to be enjoyed as an espresso. The profile is balanced, layered, and pairs so well with milk. There are variations on the ‘correct’ way to pull a shot of espresso. It all depends on the desired outcome of the barista. We’ve found Midnight Lotus is at it’s peak when we use: 18g of espresso, pulled for 30 seconds to get around 40g of coffee. It can also be pulled for 24 seconds to get around 32g of coffee, for a more intense fruity finish. There’s a range when it comes to math involved, but what’s important is that you like the taste! It’s best suited to be used in 2-12oz drinks; more than 12oz and the nuanced flavors tend to disappear.

Blending and Grinding the Perfect Espresso

Blends of coffee are defined by their taste profile. The roaster has a place they want to reach, and they combine beans from different regions of the world and roast them within specific parameters to achieve a desired taste profile. The regions the beans are from may change from year to year depending on the crop we receive. Currently Midnight Lotus is a blend of Cerrado Brazilian and Lamari Papua New Guinea. Beans from South America tend to be very smooth and have a low acid sweetness. Beans from Papua New Guinea have an earthy, sweet, and fruity flavor that give a huge depth to the profile. The regions used and the percentage of beans in the blend may change, but the profile will stay consistent, and has for 18 years. It takes an incredible amount of expertise and knowledge to blend beans correctly to achieve the desired taste. Midnight Lotus is a testament of the skill, knowledge, and experience Dilworth has acquired over the past two decades. We hope you enjoy drinking it as much as we do.

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