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Almond Amaretto - January Flavored Coffee

Almond Amaretto - January Flavored Coffee

The flickering candle flame is getting low. The sun is setting southward. The small sounds from the kitchen are porcelain bowls unstacking, engraved silver curved spoons rattling in shining oak drawers, and flakes of ice shaving off the freezer door to the royal red carpet below. Connecting hinged doors swing open, streams and waves of smells flood into crowded rooms to ruckus applause. Smells of fresh bread, cooked sugar, melting ice cream, and roasted sweet almonds.

Almond Amaretto Flavored Coffee - Dilworth Coffee

Amaretto has been a mainstay behind American bars since the 1970’s. A classic ingredient that adds a deep almond flavor in cocktails like the Alabama Slammer, the Godfather, an Amaretto Sour, and of course just poured into coffee and topped with whipped cream. Surprisingly, no almonds! Amaretto’s main ingredient is apricot pits, which when steeped and aged give off a profound complex nutty almond flavor. It’s no wonder it pairs so well with coffee, and why we’re featuring it as our flavored coffee for January, Almond Amaretto.

Often coffee already has a nutty flavor to it, so we know they’re a natural pairing. We tried to accentuate that rich nuttiness with this flavored coffee. Along with the subtle cocoa notes and a smooth finish, you are destined to love this coffee in the new year. Whether for a nightcap at your next dinner party, or to bring a smile to your face first thing in the morning, please enjoy our Almond Amaretto flavored coffee this January.

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