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Hawaiian Macadamia Flavored Coffee

Hawaiian Macadamia Flavored Coffee

Beach season is almost upon us! Soon friends and family will bustle into packed cars, filled with ziplocked sandwiches and tubes of sunscreen, a blank canvas of warm yellow sand waiting for them. Crashing waves, fruity drinks, palm trees, dripping ice cream, oh but a dream to be under a summer sun. And a dream to be awoken to the smell of a fresh pot of our Hawaiian Macadamia flavored coffee.

Hawaii and Beyond the Nut

Where does our Hawaiian Macadamia flavored coffee get its name? Macadamia nuts originally hail from the sub-continent of Australia, but most commercial growing operations inhabit the tropical island chain of Hawaii. The climate and elevation provide the perfect growing environment for the humble Proteaceae. A common symbol of the south pacific island, pineapples, are not originally from Hawaii either. Pineapples are native to South America, but the high elevation and the volcanic soil provide a perfect environment for all those wonderful tart surgery flavors to develop. It’s no wonder that at one point in time 80% of global canned pineapple production took place in Hawaii.

Dilworth's Hawaiian Macadamia

Here at Dilworth, we like to get in the summer mood first thing in the morning, and there’s no better way than sipping on our Hawaiian Macadamia flavored coffee. A buttery blend of nuttiness and tang. Maybe even try a few spoonful’s coconut milk in your cup to create a delightful nutty pina colada inspired morning brew. A sweet summer citrus kick of pineapple, classic smooth macadamia nut, and a buttery finish that goes so well with our finely selected and freshly roasted coffee.

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