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Chocolate Caramel Truffle - February Flavored Coffee - Dilworth Coffee

Chocolate Caramel Truffle Flavored Coffee

There are few valentines’ treats as iconic as the chocolate caramel truffle. They are usually the first to disappear from the heart shaped box of chocolate candies that has come to be a standard display of Valentines affection.

This was our inspiration when we created our Chocolate Caramel Truffle flavored coffee. Few things combine so naturally as chocolates and coffee. They’re basically the perfect metaphor for love. We taste silky dark chocolate with a rich, gooey caramel center, dusted with a pinch of powdered cocoa. Just enough to make you want to lick your fingers after feeding one to your sweetheart.


Chocolate Caramel Truffle, created over 27 years ago as a seasonal coffee which complements our Double Dutch Chocolate Coffee, quickly became a best seller, and has stayed in the top 10 best-selling flavored coffees category, every month at Dilworth Coffee. With a simple combination of flavors, we have found that brewed and served straight up, offers the drinker sweet chocolate notes. When combined with a sweetener and cream it quickly becomes an indulgent treat to enjoy any time of day.

This year make sure you pair that heart shaped box of candies with a mug of Dilworth’s Chocolate Caramel Truffle flavored coffee. Cupid will handle the rest.

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