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Chocolate Almond Flavored Coffee

Chocolate Almond Flavored Coffee

Chocolate Almond Coffee

This combination is so simple, so well known, so ubiquitous, that we hesitate to even mention it… but the Dude abides. This June we’re highlighting our Chocolate Almond flavored coffee. This duo is a classic for a reason. These flavors paired together are almost irresistible. Countless cakes, candies, and celebrations all based around the delightful pairing of almonds and chocolate. So naturally, our spectacular coffee paired with these flavors is an instant classic. A cup too good to miss out on.

How far back would you imagine the combination of chocolate and almond goes? Turns out humans have been digging chocolate covered almonds since the times of the Aztecs and the Mayans. But really, the 1950’s is where the small treat gained its wide popularity. Chocolate almond flavored coffee lovers can thank television for this one. With more and more living rooms focusing on entertainment centers and evening programming, people everywhere began searching for tasty snacks to enjoy while watching their favorite show. Along with scintillating advertising of the nutty treat, drive-in movie theaters also rose in popularity. What could be better than enjoying a cool evening watching your favorite flick with some chocolate covered almonds?

These tasty treats are also surprisingly healthy! (In moderation of course). Cocoa is high in antioxidants, and almonds are full of healthy fats, protein and fiber that our body craves. Making this tasty snack a leader among equals when it comes to snack options, and perhaps far above an equal when it comes to flavored coffee.

Our Chocolate Almond flavored coffee is here to satisfy all your cravings this summer. The rich nuttiness of almonds pairs incredibly well with that sweet cocoa and smooth chocolate flavor we all love. When we paired that with our expertly roasted coffee, we created a flavored coffee for the history books! This July please enjoy our Chocolate Almond flavored coffee.

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