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Dilworth Coffee Cold Brew Foodservice Case / 30 - 4oz filter packs per case

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30 filter bags / case

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Standard Unit of Measure : EACH
Standard Unit of Measure Description : 30 filter bags / case

Case Pack: 30 filter bags / case

Vendor Item #: 33-96-32001

Product Details:

It's happy time for your cold brew lovin' self. I put my smoothest coffee blend in super-convenient cold brew filter packs, ready for steeping 42 oz of cold brew. Ahh, icy cold-brewed happiness. 

Each case contains 30 4oz packs, streamlining your brewing process. Simply submerge 3 packs in a gallon of water, steep overnight, and enjoy a refreshing drink — ideal for both home and food service establishments. Making cold brew has never been more convenient.

  • Each case packed with 4oz smooth blend filter packs
  • Easy steeping, flavorful extraction for iced happiness
  • Perfect for foodservice, enjoy undiluted or customize strength

Foodservice Case.  Packed 30 - 4oz filter packs per case.

How to make cold brew coffee

  1. Use 3 filter packs per gallon of filtered water.
  2. Allow filter packs to steep for 12 - 18 hours.
  3. Remove filter packs and let fully drain.
  4. Cold brew is ready to drink or can be diluted to desired strength.

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