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There’s no such thing as a plain cup of Joe. In-fact, it takes a ton of effort behind the scenes - training, equipment calibration, math (coffee to water ratios), and care - to ensure that delicious cup of coffee goodness is delivered consistently day in and day out. At Dilworth, we’ve made the effort - now you get to reap the benefits

We believe education can help provide a better coffee experience for you, your guests and your team members. That’s why we offer a variety of education resources, in different formats, to help you learn more about coffee, coffee brewing, the industry, coffee shop operations, etc. Whether you are a seasoned barista, interested in improving your at-home experience, or anything in-between, we have an in-depth library of articles, blogs, self-directed education, how-to videos, tools, checklists, online and in-person classes to take your learning to the next level.

Explore our upcoming classes

Explore our upcoming classes

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Welcome to the Dilworth Training Center (DTC)

In our Raleigh headquarters, we have a training center where we host our in-person training classes and events - everything from our monthly Coffee College classes to cupping events.

Coffee Training Courses

If you are interested in the business of serving coffee, or just want to up your coffee game, you might be interested in these:  

  • Coffee College: Our in person, instructor-guided courses.

    • Basics (theory) – background information from the class, about coffee in Brazil, or basics about brewing or about water etc.
    • Applied – how do I brew coffee, how to present it, how to choose the right coffee (more how to) hands on
    • Roasting, Origins – farms, countries
    • Equipment
    • Espresso
    • Allied
    • Recipe Database
    • Tools, forms, support
  • Coffee Workshops:Special events, hosted in the DTC and guided by our team of coffee professionals, these workshops are in person or online and feature lectures, demonstrations and Q&A

  • Labs: Hands-on, in-person sessions to hone your coffee skills

  • Self-Guided: Workshops, resources, and check lists leveraging our online resources.

  • Custom Training: One size fits all training does not suit every coffee shop’s needs. To accommodate larger groups; specialized menus and operations; onsite training for off hours; and training to customer-established protocols; our team of coffee experts are skilled at developing and delivering a variety of custom training solutions tailored for your unique needs. To find out how we can build a custom training program for you, chat with our Skills and Capacity Building team today.