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Chocolate Raspberry Flavored Coffee - Dilworth Coffee

Chocolate Raspberry Flavored Coffee

Chocolate Raspberry Flavored Coffee - Dilworth Coffee

The snowy sparkly time of peppermint and caramel candies has blown into the past like the wind. Goodbye ferny green wrapped toys in red and white silk paper. Goodbye hand-grabbing stockings stuffed with rolling cars and flipping frogs over roaring fireplaces. Goodbye cinnamon bun breakfast mornings with eggnog overflowing and hazelnut-crusted truffles littered across coffee tables. Hello—to the season of love.

Ol’ man Dilworth was in love once believe it or not. Strewn between my journeys across Central America and Amazonian Peru, I met someone that utterly captured my imagination. My hands buried in the dirt upon the mountains of Peru, I looked up and my gaze transposed into awe. This being from a distant star sent down to spark alight my imagination. That was now long ago…my memories are old and dear. Each Valentines Day I brew a special cup to remind me of them, the flavors in my cup this year are chocolate and raspberry.

Just in time for Valentines Day we’re featuring the wonderfully tart combination of velvety cocoa and candy bittersweet raspberries. Brewing this coffee will remind you of simpler times. Times of love and joy long remembered and forever cherished. This February, please enjoy our Chocolate Raspberry Flavored Coffee.

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