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Services for the Specialty Coffee Owner/Operator

During the 30+ years since we opened our first coffee shop, we have worked with thousands of individuals, companies, non-profits, churches, nursing homes…you get the picture. When we first started, we did not have a clue what we needed to create a coffee shop experience for our customers, guests, and residents, and had to learn it from wherever we could, and it was not easy (it was the pre-internet days, after all). Lots of questions came up during this time:

  • Where do I get started?
  • Is this a good location?
  • What items do I need to buy to open my store?
  • What do I serve?
  • How do I make espresso drinks?
  • Will I make a profit selling a cup of coffee? What price point do I need to sell my drinks for?
We're here to help

We're here to help

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