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About Us2

Brand Philosophy (Brand Statement): Stubbornly Agreeable (GRAPHIC) 

We’ve been doing this for a while now. Here’s what we know:

  1. Good coffee doesn’t happen by accident. The best beans make the best coffee. And we gladly travel the world to find them.  Then we roast them just right, to perfection. Something we’re pretty stubborn about cause it took a while to get it just right.
  2. We’re in this together. So, we get to know the farmers who grow the beans we buy. And give back when we can. Always treating them with fairness and respect. The same is true with our team who roasts and packages every order. And to our customers who appreciate the path we’ve chosen.
  3. Coffee is joy. And we’re not about to tell anyone how to enjoy it. That’s where the agreeable part comes in. So, sit back and savor the Dilworth joy just the way you like.



Dilworth is a real neighborhood in Charlotte named after a real guy who founded it a long time ago. It’s the same place the original Dilworth Coffee shop opened over thirty years ago, introducing specialty coffee to the neighborhood.


Thirty years later, we’re still doing our thing. Today, we’re an artisan coffee roaster and distributor of wholesale coffee to coffee shops, cafes, specialty retail and hospitality companies.  True to our philosophy we source the best single origin coffee from across the globe. And create signature blends and flavors for a broad appeal.


Through our direct relationships with farmers and longstanding partnerships with trusted brokers, we ensure that our coffees are grown, processed, and purchased in a sustainable manner benefiting all.


Even though we’ve grown, our coffee shop beginnings will always define us. We are here to share our knowledge and help solve the issues that face coffee shop owners every day. Things like competing with national chains, menu optimization, introducing specialty coffee to conventional coffee programs, crew training, equipment needs… and the list goes on. 


Need to elevate or get a coffee program off the ground? We have a long history of helping corporate clients, hospitals, universities, and coffee shops do just that. Developing the training and service standards for retail coffee shops along the way.


Today, Dilworth Coffee can be found in over XX coffee shops, across XX states, and we sell our coffee directly to consumers online.


(Visually - incorporate “Member, Specialty Coffee Association of America” logo below.)


Where to find us, or try our coffee:

We’re proud to be the coffee sold in over XX coffee shops in XX states.  Enter your zip code below to find the closest place to pick up a cup of Dilworth Coffee.  And, if the distance is too far, we’ll come to you.  Shop online and order some coffee to brew at home or at work.’


Our Team:

Jeff Vojta - Our Store Manager

Jeff is a bean counter, spending much of his career as an accountant, traveling the globe, pouring over spreadsheets, counting beans - you know accounting stuff.  So, it is fitting that when making the jump to entrepreneurship, he followed his passion - beans.  Although instead of just counting them, he got to roast them as well.  You see, in his travels, Jeff developed a true appreciation for a great cup of coffee, and he realized that different folks around the world have their own very individual taste preference for the type of coffee, roast level and flavor.  And his passion was born…providing great coffee, to be enjoyed however customers see fit. 

At Dilworth, Jeff get’s to combine his passion for coffee, his accounting prowess, and his own experience as an entrepreneur to lead the team and help customers and coffee shops be successful in both running a business and serving the best cup of coffee on the planet.  


Cliff Albright - Our “Swiss Army knife”

With a background as a chemical engineer, Cliff combines his passion for coffee with the science behind the perfect cup.  Literally fueled daily by coffee, Cliff builds the processes necessary to run Dilworth - quality control, purchasing, inventory management, technology, order fulfillment, staffing, etc.  Some call him our Chief Operating Officer, but we call him our go-to-guy when it comes to making things “go.” 


Brad Kirby - The Roast Master

The baron of beverages, the royalty of roasting, the sultan of sourcing, the king of coffee… whatever you call him, Brad is the guy who turns the finest coffee beans into Dilworth Coffee.  For more than 20 years, Brad has been refining his craft, traveling the world, establishing relationships with farmers, sourcing the best beans available, and roasting them to levels that highlight each coffee’s best attributes.

Brad is a Certified Brewing Technician, a member of the Roasting Guild, and a guy with whom you want to share a cup of coffee and talk shop (or anything for that matter).


Chris Soentgerath - Our Head Barista

This guy has coffee in his veins.  Prior to Dilworth, Chris spent five years working in coffee shops.  He knows all there is to know about recipes, equipment, menu design, and anything else to create that perfect beverage.  He’s like our Barista Yoda, and the guy everyone turns to around 3:00 when it’s coffee break time.


Peter Floyd - Front Counter Sales

For  nineteen years, Peter has been on the front line selling coffee.  And whether setting up coffee shops in hospitals and offices, encouraging retail coffee shops to join the Dilworth family, representing the brand at trade functions, or passing out samples to trick-or-treaters at Halloween, he is ALWAYS looking for opportunities to enhance the Dilworth Coffee brand and product availability.  He probably has a trunk full of coffee right this minute, in-case he runs across a coffee shop in-need.