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Need a Boost without the Buzz? Try Lotus Energy - Dilworth Coffee Provision Company

Need a Boost without the Buzz? Try Lotus Energy

Let’s talk about energy. We rely on it to get us through each day. It’s the driving force within us that keeps us happy at work and available for our friends and loved ones in the hours in between. For decades, the go-to remedy for a boost of energy has been coffee and, make no mistake, here at Dilworth Coffee we still believe in the shared experience of a hot cup of coffee in the morning to help us start each day. More increasingly, however, we are seeing new products hit the market that offer an alternative to coffee throughout the day.


Energy drinks are definitely not a new phenomenon. There are ancient traditions across the world of different cultures utilizing the natural properties of plants and fruits to increase their energy throughout the day. In the last two decades, we have seen a surge of various energy drink products, each with their own unique concoction to capture these old traditions. In the last several years, coffee shops have begun to see these trends increase as they feel the pressure to carry similar products for people who want an afternoon pick-me-up. So the questions are, how do we navigate this new market and what products are available that best serve our customers?

Lotus Energy set out to rediscover the time-tested ingredients for natural energy drinks and built a product line based on those findings. The Lotus Plant Energy 7 (or PE7™ for short) is an all-natural recipe combining the energy-inducing properties of seven of the worlds oldest plant sources. Their energy drink contains the natural energy properties of Cascara, Lotus Flower, Schisandra Berry, Guayusa Tea, Green Coffee, Rhodiola Rosea and Green Tea.

So, what sets Lotus Energy apart from the rest? Lotus Energy is made and sold as a liquid concentrate. At a 1 to 5 mixing ratio, a single 64oz bottle of Lotus Energy concentrate can make the equivalent of 46 / 8.4oz energy drink cans that are offered by competing energy drink brands. As a liquid concentrate, Lotus Energy can be added to many of your already existing drinks, making it a seamless transition to your carefully curated menu.

Lotus Energy concentrates are also available in unique flavors taken from some of the world’s great superfruits like acai and elderberries. A single 1oz pump of Lotus and 5oz of seltzer water is enough to make a delicious energy drink with 80mg of natural caffeine, while only having 80 total calories. To top it all off, Lotus Energy is shelf stable which will save you valuable fridge space. It is also vegan and gluten free, making it appealing to all dietary restrictions.

With Lotus Energy, there is no need for premade cans and extra storage space. Lotus makes it easy to provide your customers with a delicious and natural energy drink. Whether you serve it on its own or mix it with your preference of other syrups and ingredients, the end result is the same: a delicious energy drink that will invite your customers back for more.

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